Briseis is a quest character and possible Matriarch of mouse-girls found in the Fields region. Her story derives from the Battle of Troy in ancient mythology.

"While standing still and checking the terrain you spot, what looks like a single dried leaf, hanging from two, furry and petite looking arms, in a nearby elm tree. A small circular part of the leaf is taken away to reveal a tiny female mouse face, which shouts audible."

A temple maid in a former grand elven temple. Briseis is the sole survivor of the battle that took place between Man and Elf. The up-close horrors of the battle has left her with a somewhat leaning for eccentric attics.

Her name derives from the female war prize in the Iliad, while her battle cry and mouse-race relates to Apollo Smitheos, or the Mouse God (bringer of plague), which took an active part in the Battle of Troy.

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