Izanami is the human matriarch of the Jungle region.

Met as a random encounter while exploring the jungle region, she can become a household lover for the castle and give birth to 12 different daughters, mixed with random characteristics, of asian appearance.

"Further inside you once again meet the shapely woman from the jungle, this time almost dressed. She sits in a positions somewhat in the middle of almost getting up and almost sitting down. While your attention mainly has been placed with her other attributes her eyes seem rather strange, with a fold covering the inner corner of the eye. Not wishing to stare without end you ask whom you have the pleasure of meeting once again."

Her character is inspired from her namesake Izanami from Japanese creation myth. Her pictures are from the porn star Hitomi Tanaka.

Names for possible children in game, taken from the most popular Chinese and Japanese family names, include:

"Wang", "Wáng", "Wong", "Lǐ", "Lee", "Zhāng", "Cheung", "Liú", "Lau", "Chén", "Chan", "Yáng", "Yeung", "Huáng", "Zhào", "Chiu", "Wú", "Zhōu", "Chow", "Xú", "Tsui", "Sūn", "Suen", "Mǎ", "Zhū", "Hú", "Guō", "Hé", "Gāo", "Lín", "Luó", "Satō", "Suzuki", "Takahashi", "Tanaka", "Watanabe", "Itō", "Nakamura", "Kobayashi", "Yamamoto", "Katō", "Yoshida", "Yamada", "Sasaki", "Yamaguchi", "Matsumoto", "Inoue", "Kimura", "Shimizu", "Hayashi", "Saitō", "Yamasaki", "Nakajima", "Mori", "Abe", "Ikeda", "Hashimoto", "Ishikawa", "Yamashita", "Ogawa", "Ishii", "Hasegawa", "Gotō", "Okada", "Kondō", "Maeda", "Fujita", "Endō", "Aoki", "Sakamoto", "Murakami", "Ōta", "Kaneko", "Fujii", "Fukuda", "Nishimura", "Miura", "Takeuchi", "Nakagawa", "Okamoto", "Matsuda", "Harada", "Nakano".

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