Manticores are creatures native to the Plains region in the World of Gaia. Very hostile and dangerous creatures it is one of the most lethal sub-sentient creatures hunting through the plains and sands. With claws of a lion, bat-like wings, and a human torso and head with three rows of sharp teeth, its scorpion tail may shoot venomous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims.

"Tall stories current which I cannot believe; for they say that the creature has four feet, and that his head resembles that of a man, but that in size it is comparable to a lion; while the tail of this animal puts out hairs a cubit long and sharp as thorns, which it shoots like arrows at those who hunt it."

Almost following the mythos theme of the Plains region, the manticores are inspired not by the ancient Mesopotamian mythology but by later Persian mythos.

When tamed a manticore will produce five Food, while at the same time consuming two.

There are only 16 different picture variants of the off-spring.

Possible names, taken from famous women of Persia and Sasanian Empire, for the manticores include:

Mardyakhowr", "Martyaxwar", "Baricos", "Mandana", "Amitis", "Pantea", "Cassandana", "Mahruyeh", "Artunis", "Atusa", "Phaidyme", "Irdabama", "Amestris", "Artemisia", "Hadassah", "Esther", "Pari", "Sissy", "Estatira", "Stateira", "Youtab", "Roxana", "Sura", "Surena", "Azadokht", "Zenon", "Aspas", "Parin", "Zand", "Shirin", "Purandokht", "Burān", "Azarmidokht", "Turandokht", "Apranik", "Negan", "Banu".