Monster Girls are the majority of the remaining population after the Curse. They are met as random encounters in the different regions, always resulting in a fight. If the the Player Character wins the fight he can either kill, leave or breed the monster girl. If the proper home is constructed, it is also possible to capture the monster girl and bring her in.

A captured monster girl can be tamed by a fight for dominance, resulting in her giving resources each week and the ability to breed her and make her a matriarch.


There are 18 monster girl races, three for each region:

  • Bovine, Bee-girl, and Centaur, from the Fields.
  • Harpy, Manticore, and Mermaid, from the Plains.
  • Valkyie, Giant, and Canine, from the Mountains.
  • Yokia, Oni, and Slime-girl, from the Jungles.
  • Mummy, Insect, and Nymph, from the Deserts.

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