Mummies are creatures native to the Deserts region in the World of Gaia. Former humans, buried with greater care than most during the great war, the souls unleashed by the Curse took residence in these vessels.

"You come upon an mummy-girl. Inhabiting the desert region and its ruins, they were reanimated when human souls lost to the Curse tried to find a new home and accumulated in human corpses. Their personality and basic memories from when they were among the living remain; however, starving mummies lose their rationality and act on instinct, so they are rather dangerous."

Following the mythos theme of the Deserts region, the Mummies are based on the ancient Egyptian burial customs.

When tamed a mummy-girl will produce five Stone.

There are 24 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from ancient Egyptian queens, extensively include:

"Neithotpe", "Berenib", "Hent", "Herneith", "Merneith", "Betresh", "Hapnyma'at", "Heterphenebty", "Meresankh", "Hetepheres", "Nefertkaw", "Meritites", "Henutsen", "Kentetenka", "Senti", "Hedjhekenu", "Khamerernebty", "Khentkawes", "Bunefer", "Neferhetepes", "Reputneb", "Khentikus", "Nebet", "Khemut", "Ipwet", "Khuit", "Amtes", "Ankhnesmery", "Nit", "Ankhnes", "Iput", "Neferukhayet", "Aoh", "Henite", "Henhenit", "Neferu", "Kawit", "Tem", "Sadek", "Ashait", "Nubkhas", "Kemsit", "Neferukayt", "Imi", "Amunet", "Nefret", "Nefrutoten", "Dedyet", "Nefrusobek", "Neferu", "Nerusheri", "Mereryet", "Kemanub", "Sebekshedty", "Merseger", "Neferkent", "Merysankh", "A'at", "Kemanut", "Ana", "Senebsen", "Sobekemsaf", "Tetisheri", "Ahhotep", "Ahmose", "Inhapi", "Senisonbe", "Mutnofret", "Hatshepsut", "Isis", "Meryt", "Ahset", "Mutemwiya", "Tiy", "Sitamun", "Nefertiti", "Kiya", "Ankhesenamon", "Tey", "Mutnodjmet", "Sitre", "Tuya", "Nefertari", "Isnofret", "Ma'at", "Bintanath", "Merytamon", "Nebttawy", "Isetnofret", "Takhaet", "Baktweret", "Tia", "Twosre", "Tiye", "Taopet", "Nubkhesed".

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