Rheia is the human matriarch of the Fields region.

Met as a random encounter while exploring the field region, she can become a household lover for the camp and give birth to 24 different daughters, mixed with random characteristics, of brunette Caucasian appearance.

"A mature woman, a seemingly lonesome survivor of the the Curse, is peacefully bathing her amble bosom. You notice she carries a pendant with Gaia's symbol. It seems made from red crystal however, which you do not recognize."

Her character is inspired from a mixture of her namesake Rheia and Penelope from Greek mythology. Her story contains elements from the Odyssey, Greek creation myth, and the story Oedipus. Her pictures are from the porn star Lisa Ann.

Names for possible children, taken from Greek mythology, include:

"Achaia", "Achradina", "Actaëe", "Actë", "Aerope", "Aethre", "Agamede", "Aganippe", "Agape", "Agapia", "Agarista", "Agathé", "Agathonice", "Agave", "Aglaia", "Aglaurus", "Aikaterine", "Aithra", "Aketa", "Alcandre", "Alcestis", "Alcippe", "Alcmene", "Alcyone", "Alemene", "Dione", "Dorothea", "Egina", "Electra", "Eriphyle", "Eris", "Eucarpia", "Eunice", "Europa", "Eurycleia", "Eurydike", "Halie", "Harmodias", "Harmonia", "Helice", "Helle", "Hermine", "Hermione", "Hesione", "Hippodameia", "Hippodamia", "Hyrmina", "Iaera", "Ianeira", "Ianessa", "Iola", "Iole", "Iomene", "Ione", "Iphimedeia", "Irene", "Isadora", "Issa", "Jocasta", "Kassandra", "Katina", "Khlöe", "Khloris", "Kleio", "Kleopatra", "Klymene", "Klytemnestra", "Koré", "Koritto", "Kydilla", "Kynna", "Kynthia", "Kypris", "Kyra", "Labda", "Lais", "Lanike", "Laodameia", "Laodamia", "Laodice", "Phigaleia", "Philea", "Philinna", "Philomache", "Philomela", "Philona", "Phoebe", "Phryne", "Phylace", "Phylia", "Phyllis", "Polydamna", "Polydora", "Polymede", "Polyxena", "Procne", "Planca", "Plauta", "Poplicola", "Postuma", "Potita", "Praeconina", "Protogonia", "Prisca", "Psyche", "Pylia", "Pyrrha", "Pythias", "Raisa", "Rhea", "Rhene", "Rhoda", "Rhode", "Roxane", "Sappho", "Scylla", "Rutila", "Salinatrix", "Saturnina", "Scaeva", "Scaevola", "Scapula".

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