Yokai are creatures native to the Jungles region in the World of Gaia. A forest dweller, often considered a spirit, the Yokai are sometimes friendly and other times malign, depending on their immediate mood.

"Most here are blue in their skin and of elastic nature. Sometimes of a temperamental disposition and up to mischief, this one seems ready for a fight!"

Following the mythos theme of the Jungles region, the Yokai are taken from a class of supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore. The word "Yokai" is made up of the kanji for "bewitching; attractive; calamity;" and "spectre; apparition; mystery; suspicious".

When tamed a Yokai will produce five Wood, while eating two Food.

There are 34 different picture variants of encounters and off-spring.

Possible names, taken from famous Japanese Yokai, include:

"Ayakashi", "Akaname", "Akashita", "Amazake", "Amefurikozō", "Amemasu", "Ameonna", "Amikiri", "Amorōnagu", "Aobōzu", "Aonyōbō", "Aosaginohi", "Arikura", "Ashimagari", "Azukiarai", "Bakeneko", "Bakezōri", "Baku", "Betobeto", "Binbōgami", "Biwa", "Chōchino", "Datsue", "Enenra", "Enkō", "Fūri", "Funayūrei", "Gaki", "Goryō", "Kasha", "Hannya", "Harionago", "Hashihime", "Hiderigami", "Hihi", "Hikeshi", "Hitodama", "Hitotsume", "Hiyoribō", "Hoji", "Ikiryō", "Isonade", "Jibakurei", "Jinmenju", "Jubokko", "Iyaya", "Jami", "Kanedama", "Kasha", "Kawaakago", "Kijimuna", "Kiyohime", "Kodama", "Konakijiji", "Koropokkuru", "Kubikajiri".

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